Professional Development

MPRES Professional Development activities are designed to help teachers implement the National Research Council’s (NRC) Framework for K-12 Science Education and meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Teachers who engage in MPRES will be on the cutting-edge of science education.

The Framework presents three dimensions, listed below, that will be combined to form each standard. For further information, each dimension is linked to the relevant section of the Framework.

MPRES Trainers are located throughout Montana and provide a variety of professional development options for schools, districts, and individual teachers. Select an option below to learn more and register.

Research has demonstrated that a ‘blended’ model of professional development creates the most significant learning opportunities by incorporating:

  • MPRES teachers in action at a professional development workshopFace-to-Face workshops, classes and interactions.
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that provide additional opportunities for teachers to interact with one another, share observations, and develop and practice lessons and activities.
  • Online Learning to provide central resources, build knowledge, and provide a hub for professional development interactions and information.

To get the most out of MPRES Professional Development, the MPRES team recommends such a ‘blended’ model in the recommended Option 1.

However, the MPRES team also understands that practical constraints such as available time and budget can necessitate other professional development models, so we also offer options 2 to 4, or contact an MPRES Trainer to arrange a 1- or 2-day introductory workshop before diving deeper into MPRES Professional Development.

Any teachers or administrators interested in MPRES Professional Development are also encouraged to contact an MPRES Trainer in their region to learn more and to discuss customized professional development tailored to their specific needs, or refer to the Register for Professional Development page for more information on upcoming sessions and how to sign up.