Register for Professional Development Credit


MPRES recommends a blended learning model (including Professional Learning Communities, online coursework, and face-to-face workshops)

MPRES Professional Development courses for credit (either continuing education, graduate-level, or OPI) are managed through the MSU-Billings Extended Campus, and interested teachers and administrators should register through the Extended Campus website.

For any professional development option with an online education component, online course administration is also managed through the MSU-Billings Extended Campus utilizing the MPRES Toolkit available on this website as the primary course text.

To learn about available professional development options, for registration assistance, or for additional information, contact your nearest MPRES Trainer.

MPRES content is also a component of some classes in the Montana State University Master of Science in Science Education (MSSE) program. Contact the MSSE program for registration, current options and additional information.

MPRES Professional Development prepares teachers to embrace 3-Dimensional teaching.

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